Direct Mail Maps & Targeting

Increase ROI on Direct Mail Campaigns
Most Accurate Postal Geographies updates their postal geographies monthly. That's why they meet the highest standards of accuracy,
including USPS CASS Certification Compatibility.
United States
  • 5 and 3-digit ZIP Code boundaries
  • ZIP +1, +2, +3, +4 boundaries
  • Carrier Route boundaries
  • Canadian FSA and FSALDU
     6-digit postal code boundaries
  • Postal codes for countries around the world
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Know Your Market
Know Your Market
Plot your customers on demographic wall maps to see what
neighborhoods they live in and what they are like.
Mail to Your Market
Mail to Your Market
Then you can find other neighborhoods just like the ones your
customers live in and target your direct mail campaigns more
Targeted Mailing Lists
Targeted Mailing Lists
You can even drill down to the household level with our targeted
consumer and business mailing lists.
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